TomorrowLand at Anjarle: The Future of Land Ownership

Land ownership is about witness a spectacular transformation at TomorrowLand in Ajnarle from The House of Abhinandan Lodha.

TomorrowLand at Anjarle: The Future of Land Ownership

TomorrowLand: The future of land ownership?

Indians have only just begun to experience the safety, security and convenience of owning branded land. Legally and physically free of encumbrances, title-assured and professionally maintained by a real estate brand, branded land is leading the change in how land has been brought and sold in India.

TomorrowLand is a beneficial disruption of land ownership using technology and digital transformation. The land curated by HoABL (House of Abhinandan Lodha) is clearly demarcated into smaller plots for individual ownership, making each plot a secure, long-term investment opportunity for intergenerational wealth creation.

TomorrowLand at Anjarle from The House of Abhinandan Lodha

TomorrowLand is located at Anjarle near Dapoli in the coastal district of Ratnagiri. The land is located close to a series of beaches, resorts and hotels, with many more in the works. Anjarle is blessed with a unique landscape of Anjarle that makes it different from other beach destinations in the India – an unending shoreline, year-round green cover, undulating hilly landscapes and clean, spectacular beaches.

Anjarle shares the Konkan coastline with other pristine beaches Padale, Sawane, Harnai and Murud. The annual Anjarle Turtle Festival is a big draw for conservationists, nature lovers and tourists who visit the beach to support conservation efforts and watch hatchlings of the Olive Ridely turtle species make their way to the sea.

There are other sights to behold – like the towering presence of the TK Lighthouse overlooking Padale beach. The Ganpati Temple, Suvarnadurg Fort, mango and cashew orchards, coconut plantations and verdant greenery are just a few of the landmarks dotting this ecologically blessed, and naturally endowed land.

The closest you can get to heaven by the coast

Anjarle is easily accessible by road from Mumbai (215 kms) and Pune (200 kms). The nearest railway station is Khed (50 kms). If you take the road, your trip will be a memorable one, full of incredible views of mountains and valleys, rivers and streams, and misty waterfalls along the way. The stretch of road in this part offers one of the finest coastal sceneries anywhere in the world. That’s how spectacular it is. Intrigued? Watch this video.

Anjarle is in the midst of robust social infrastructure. Nearby hotels and resorts include Whistling Waves, Kaular Athaang, The Beach House, Beachcroft, Saltwater Beach Resort, The Alphonso Mango, The Fern Samali and many more. Chill, dine or wine at the Zhilan and Aqua Lounge.

M.K. High School Anjarle, Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth (Agri University), Shri Ramraje International School, Dapoli Education Society, Alfred Gadney High School, Dapoli, and Urban Bank Senior Science College constitute neighbouring academic institutions. Medical care is within reach at Sevaniketan Hospital, Rajiv Gandhi Super-Specialty Hospital, Swami Samarth Super-Specialty Hospital, Patwardhans Hospital and Mehta Hospital.

Why invest in TomorrowLand?

Unique geography and picturesque location make Anjarle the next happening seaside destination. With prices starting as low as 11.99 Lakhs, invest in Anjarle at 8-year old North Goa prices, in time to ride the upcoming boom in land prices.    

HoABL brought technology to make land ownership a seamless digital process. A few clicks to make you a proud owner of New Generation Land, purchased 100% virtually at the most secure land parcels in India. Safely, conveniently, efficiently!

HoABL delivers 100% legitimate, safe and secure physical possession at 0% risk, with price protection through HoABL Best Value Assurance*. The developer offers 100% money back before registration* and 100% legitimate, water-tight documentation and legal verification. Protection for assured resale, digital liquidation and swapping of assets*. Are some of the key advantages of owning New Generation Land. The developer also promises emergency liquidation and provides fully digitally-enabled resale of New Generational Land.

The previous branded land venture at Dapoli from HoABL, Isle of Bliss, was oversubscribed 3x and sold out 100% virtually. An investment today in TomorrowLand can be recouped in approximately 5 years. Anything more would make it sound unbelievable, except maybe, the satisfaction of owning land in a wondrous abode and the enjoyment of curated and thematic land parcels with a range of lifestyle amenities and services.

TomorrowLand is now launched. Begin the journey to owning your piece of paradise in this seaside wonder by clicking here for prices, inquiries and more details.

* Part of HoABL Value Added Services. ** Subject to availability.


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