Want to Buy a Child-Friendly Home? Do This.

If you are a parent, buying a home that is safe, engaging and convenient for kids can be a lot to process. Here’s help.

Want to Buy a Child-Friendly Home? Do This.

What are the typical considerations for a new family home? Budget, size, location, amenities. What if you are a parent to young children? Should you place special emphasis on things that make a home and the immediate environment outside it suitable for your child? Indeed, what are the things that make a home or a neighbourhood child-friendly?

Space for physical and social growth

While good physical health is critical for a growing child, mental health is equally important. The opportunity to mingle with children their age aid the social and emotional development of children, helping them grow into well-rounded adults with strong social skills and an empathetic, collaborative personality.

Open spaces, dedicated kids’ play areas, health and fitness facilities and sports courts are some of the amenities that you should look for when buying a home. While sports and recreation contribute to your child’s physical growth, they also play a role in honing their ability to engage and communicate with society.

Accessibility to education, healthcare and recreation

Raising a child anywhere is a challenge every parent is familiar with. And raising children in an urban area presents an even stiffer set of challenges. Providing for the education, healthcare, entertainment, recreation and everyday needs of a growing child can be a nightmare if your home has none of these in the vicinity.

Countless runs to the pediatrician and pharmacy, daily commute to the school, frequent shopping trips and occasional weekend entertainment outings can consume more time, energy and effort than you can afford in a busy life if your home is distant from these facilities.

When choosing a home, make sure the location is a short distance from these places, as also not too far from your workplace so that you do the shortest possible daily commute to and from work, and spend more quality time at home.

Child-friendly homes, inside and outside

Inside your home, these are some of the child-friendly amenities that developers offer: anti-skid tiles, rounded corners, high grills on balconies and terraces, baby-proof kitchen storage, shock-proof switches, not-toxic paints and video door phones.

Outside, safety features and child-friendly amenities that you need to look for include: kids’ play area, kids’ swimming pool, crèche facility, child-friendly footpaths, dedicated cycle tracks, indoor games rooms, outdoor and indoor sports facilities, well-lit common areas, power backup, ramps and guard rails, 24/7 security and CCTV surveillance.

Child-friendly homes and neighbourhoods are the need of the times for young and working parents. Developers of townships and residential complexes in large cities and urban centres design their developments with the needs of nuclear families with young children in mind. Such developments provide a safe and stimulating environment for parents and children.

Here’s a handy list of the finest child-friendly residential developments you should consider for the safety and welfare of your children in your new home.

Lodha Upper Thane

Lodha Palava City

Lodha Quality Homes

Regency Anantam

Runwal Gardens

Runwal My City

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