5 Reasons Mumbai’s Western Suburbs are Hotspots for Living

Discover the reasons that make Mumbai’s western half the clear winner when it comes to residing in the suburbs.

5 Reasons Mumbai’s Western Suburbs are Hotspots for Living

Historically speaking, the western side of Mumbai was the first region to be developed in pre-British Bombay. The natural harbour and the infrastructure built around it meant the western suburbs had the docks and most of the mills and factories then, thereby attracting a greater share of people and commerce than others parts of the city. This side of the city was better planned and better maintained from the early days – think the neat blocks of roads and junctions in places like Khar and JVPD.

As the winds of time shaped the city geographically and economically, the western suburbs not only retained their desirability for homebuyers, the demand for housing grew exponentially with every passing decade.

1. More land, more development

Look at a map of Mumbai and the geographical skew of the city is clearly biased towards the west which has a farther border from the south than the central and eastern sides. The distance from CST to Dahisar Check Naka is approx. 41 km, and to Mulund Check Naka is 35 km, which gives western Mumbai a larger share of Mumbai’s land.    

In comparison addition, available land in the central and eastern suburbs is limited due to the presence of large government, defence and private landholders on the eastern edge. Moreover, large tracts of mangrove and swamp land is presently in no-development zones.   

The greater land area as well as availability of land in the western suburbs mean greater potential for quantitative growth.

2. Magic of the sea

Even though Mumbai is surrounded by the sea on three sides, all the beaches and promenades are on the western shore. The eastern side of the sea remains underdeveloped for residential and commercial use die to the presence of docks, industrial units, military use and the many creeks and swamps that make it inhospitable.

Sea-facing homes in Mumbai command some of the highest prices. Even homes close to the sea have attractive price tags. Being close to the sea has other benefits like tourist footfalls, recreational spots, star-rated hotels, premium retail and dining spots, and similar attractions. The charm of sea-side homes and residential developments increase the desirability quotient of living in the western suburbs.

3. More jobs, more people

As south Mumbai kept expanding northward, early migrants settled in the western suburbs. Business and jobs followed and the trend continues to this day. The western suburbs have the greatest number as also the largest employment and commerce hubs including, MIDC, SEEPZ, BKC and Goregaon-Malad. A majority of the white-collar employees and professionals who work here have taken up residence in the western suburbs, close to their place of work.

4. The best social infrastructure

Without doubt, the social infrastructure in western Mumbai and thereby the western suburbs, is more developed and of greater quality than anywhere else in Mumbai. Malls, beaches, 5-star hotels, domestic and international airport, and a larger number of shopping and entertainment destinations and recreational spots have created idyllic and unbeatable attractions located in the western suburbs. Nowhere else in Mumbai can one live in neighbourhoods like Bandra, Khar, Juhu, Andheri and Versova, nor find well-developed beaches and hotspots like places like Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Joggers Park, Linking Road, Film City, Esselworld and Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

5. New frontiers in the west

No longer the outliers, the once distant north-west suburbs of Mumbai are modern-day extensions to the city. The Mira-Bhayander and Vasai-Virar corridors are in the midst of a commercial and residential development boom that is leading to a huge demand in the affordable and mid-segment homes category. Ongoing and upcoming civic infrastructure and transportation projects are primed to change the face of these localities in the foreseeable future, which will witness even greater number of homebuyers relocate there.

Closer to the border, there is immense potential and growing demand in the corridor between Goregaon to Mira-Bhayander. Take a look at some of the finest new residential developments, especially in the eastern sides of Goregaon and Kandivali where prime land with natural surroundings is being harnessed for residential and mixed-use developments.

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